Every month, people employed by early childhood education services spend more than 10,000,000 working hours entering information manually. All these hours would be better spent being with the children.

Mukava simplifies daily routines.

Mukava is a state-of-the-art service for day care, combining the various requirements of parents, caregivers and administration staff into one service. First and foremost, Mukava is designed to simplify daily routines at home and in day care.

Mukava is a Finnish word which translates to pleasant, nice, comfortable, comfy, affable and fun.

After the deployment of Mukava, staffing arrangements and allocating children to day care has become much easier and more effective.

Instead of spending time on daily paperwork, educators can now spend their time on the basic task – being there for the children. In addition, a photo ID of each child can be stored in Mukava, which enhances security management. Mukava also simplifies the communication with parents and information updating. Carrying out daily routines without the help of Mukava would now be unthinkable!

Jenni Alppi
Administration Manager, municipal educational administration of Parkano, Finland

Kirkkoranta day care centre have adopted Mukava.

Mukava has made it easier to enter information about the children's schedules, attendance and absences, as well as staff working hours, while it has also freed the staff from paperwork. In addition, Mukava provides easy access to multiple types of information, which has simplified work planning and increased flexibility in daily work. Each day care unit can access real-time information about other units via the unit’s mobile phone.

Paper notes are no longer needed, and there is more time for the children.

Taina Heikkinen-Kaivosoja
Day Care Manager, Pietarsaari, Finland

In my experience, Mukava is a great application and it is easy to use. It is easy to book day care, and communication between the day care centre and the parents no longer happens via notes written on a piece of paper.

Signing in and out is a breeze.

Outi B.

More time for children.

The simple and easy-to-use Mukava application is always accessible. Updating and entering information requires less time and is much easier than using pen and paper or traditional information systems. With the mobile application, recording the time the children arrive at the day care centre and the time their guardians pick them up is precise and reliable. The Mukava application makes communication with parents easy, and it enables the viewing of up-to-date day care information and schedule plans for the children.

Mukava for educators.

The mobile application provides precise and reliable information on the time the children arrive at the day care centre and the time their guardians pick them up.

With Mukava, you can send messages that the parents can view via their own user interface, and it enables up-to-date day care information and children’s schedule plans to be viewed.

This mobile application minimises the number of required entries, enabling the educator to concentrate on the children and their needs during the time they spend in day care.


  • Online and offline use of the application
  • Precise recording of the day care attendance of each child
  • Visual display of the status of the children and staff
  • Mobile access to information regarding the children
  • Photos can be taken and sent directly with the mobile end device (mobile phone, tablet)
  • Direct calls/text messages to guardians
  • Mobile access to information regarding the staff
  • Staff attendance recording
  • Reimbursement of expenses for staff working in children’s private day care
  • Automatic staff attendance recording for children’s private day care, based on the attendance records of the children
  • Direct mobile access to the profile pictures of the children and staff
  • Direct mobile calls/text messages to employees
  • Real-time, day care centre -specific and group-level view of the children and staff
  • Sending messages to guardians based on a day care centre, group or child
  • Attaching photos to messages directly via a mobile device
  • Notifications on new child-specific messages and replying to them
  • Notifications on changes to information related to a child
  • Plan-based views (records made based on plans, and daily estimates of arrival and pick-up times)

Making everyday life easier.

High-quality day care is based on seamless cooperation and communication between the parents/guardians and the day care. In addition to enabling communication between parents and day care, Mukava provides an easy and safe way of updating information related to children and planned schedules as well as monitoring actual schedules.

Mukava for guardians

Mukava is a simple, safe service that is easy to use with your web browser (mobile or desktop). Your Mukava user ID is your own phone number. When you start using the service, you will receive a text message containing your password.

The user interface for guardians enables direct access to the day care services. Guardians can update their personal information and information related to their children. Among other things, it is possible to add information on persons authorised to pick children up from day care. Easy and safe.

Guardians can receive photos and messages, and they can discuss matters related to the care of their child directly with the educators.

With the calendar function, providing information on day care requirements and related follow-up is very simple.


  • Updating information related to children
  • Updating information related to guardians
  • Sending messages to the day care centres
  • Viewing photos and messages, and replying to messages
  • Real-time status of a child (at day care or not)
  • Day care planning (notifications regarding the dates and times when day care is required)
  • An estimate of care fees, updated in accordance with an agreed plan
  • Monitoring of the planned and actual day care schedules

Better management.

Good management is essential in order to ensure the high quality of early education, even when group sizes are larger. Mukava makes administration more efficient and simple. Automatic entering of records, real-time view of the attendance of children and educators, and easy-to-use communication tools enable contemporary knowledge-based management.

Mukava for administrative staff and management

Web broser based user interface for administrators provides the administrative staff and management with an innovative view for organising day care.

Real-time view of attendance of children and educators enables knowledge-based management. Work planning and reporting can be done without extensive IT experience.

In addition, Mukava provides an option to transfer data to the existing systems of a municipality or company.


  • Updating information related to children and guardians
  • Updating information related to employees
  • Adding and deleting a child or an employee in the system
  • User ID management
  • Management of day care centres and day care groups
  • Checking and correcting attendance information
  • Reporting employee working hours and expense compensation
  • Administrative reporting (such as attendance recording, occupancy rate, utilization rate, child/educator ratio)
  • Viewing and sending messages on all levels (child, group, day care centre)
  • Possibility to lock the parents’ planning calendar in advance at an hourly level
  • Possibility to block certain weeks (e.g. holiday weeks) in the planning calendar in advance
  • Email and text message reminders sent to parents regarding the absence of day care schedule plans
  • Automatic or manual email reporting of the day care plans provided by parents
  • Visual displays of future care needs
  • Invoice tracking (in accordance with the selected invoicing model)
  • Monitoring of staff working hours
  • Automatic reporting to the kitchen services based on the parents’ plans

The story behind Mukava.

The idea was born in a day care play yard. A group of parents and educators were discussing the daily tasks and routines related to day care. Petri, one of mukavaIT Oy’s founders, was participating in that discussion.

Developing Mukava

The conclusion of the discussion between the parents and educators was unanimous. The current ways of operating were not working as well as they should, and technology could be better utilised in order to avoid unnecessary paperwork and administrative routines, and to have more time for the basic task - being there for the children.

A better way was needed.

From an idea to a service.

Inspired by the new idea, Petri discussed it at home with his spouse. This was easy, as Petri’s spouse is an early education professional working in day care. This gave the idea even more wind under its wings. The idea was further refined with a close circle of other parents and early education experts. It was decided that something had to be done.

Petri, Jari and Jaakko founded a company called mukavaIT Oy, with the task of developing a better service and operating model. The founders of the company have extensive experience in information system design and maintenance, sales and marketing, municipal decision-making, as well as having a burning desire to design and develop a service that makes everyday life easier at home and in day care.


Mukava is a Finnish word which translates to pleasant, nice, comfortable, comfy, affable and fun (list goes on…).

Help from customers and angels

From day one, the service has been developed in cooperation with parents and early education professionals. With the help of an extensive network, the company was able to find open-minded customers who were willing to participate in the service development. This provided an opportunity to observe daily routines in day care centres and map the various requirements of early education professionals. This development work resulted in the first version of Mukava. The same development methods have been applied to further service development.

Through the efforts of the founding partners, the input of its first customers, and significant financial investments, the service has developed from an initial idea to a fully developed service.

MukavaIT Oy’s financing is based on initial capital from the founding partners and financing from angel investors from the Pirkanmaa region. The angel investors have also contributed to the development of the company’s operations. Furthermore, TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, has provided financial support and project funding. The company has been developing its story and service with trusted partners, who have helped speed up product development and expand the service offering.

We have a mission

The current version of Mukava is the result of all this. It is a multifaceted service for early education, combining the various requirements of parents, day care staff and administration staff into a single seamless service entity, making everyday life easier at home and in day care. As a result of our development work, we have clarified and focused our original mission.

Each day, early education employees in Europe make more than four manual record entries per child. This adds up to over one million manual entries each working day. In practice, over 10,000,000 working hours per month are used on making manual entries and carrying out unnecessary administrative duties.

Our mission is based on these facts.

We want to help our customers re-allocate this effort of 10,000,000 monthly working hours in Early Education.

We believe all these hours would be better spent on being with the children. At home and in day care.

Would you like to be a part of Mukava’s story or get more information?

Contact us.

Our customers.

‘After the deployment of Mukava, staffing arrangements and assigning day care places for children has become easier and more effective.
Instead of spending time on daily paperwork, educators can now spend their time on the basic task – being there for the children. In addition, photos of the children can be stored in Mukava, which enhances security management, and Mukava also simplifies communication with parents and the updating of information.
Carrying out daily routines without the help of Mukava would now be unthinkable!’

Jenni Alppi
Administration Manager, municipal educational administration of Parkano, Finland

Municipal and private customers

We provide services for all parties involved in early education. Mukava combines the requirements of parents, educators and administrative employees into a single service entity.

Our customers include cities, municipalities and private day care providers, providing early education services for over 20,000 children.

Our mission is to help our customers re-allocate the 10,000,000 monthly working hours currently spent in Early Childhood Education Services on making manual entries or doing unnecessary paperwork. In our and our customers’ opinion, this time is better spent on being with the children, at home and in day care.

Easy technology.

Kirkkoranta day care centre in Pietarsaari, Finland, has welcomed Mukava. There is no going back to communicating via paper notes and making manual record entries.

A great and easy-to-use application

Damian’s mother, Outi Barysheva, has finished work and arrives to collect Damian from the Kirkkoranta day care centre. Even though Damian is in the midst of playing car parking, he is ready to go when he hears he gets to ‘click’ to sign out of day care. Damian’s mother gives him the small, green key fob token made of plastic, and the boy flashes it to the back of the Goldfish day care centre group’s mobile phone. The mobile phone emits an acknowledgement sound. Information on Damian leaving day care has been entered into his records in Mukava.

Outi Barysheva feels positive about mobile monitoring and communication in day care.

‘In my experience, Mukava is a great application and it is easy to use. With regular working hours, it is easy to book day care. Communication between the parents and the day care is no longer based on messages written on pieces of paper. The day care staff have the mobile phone with them when they meet us in the hall every morning and evening, so signing in and out is a breeze, and they have never had to search for the group’s mobile phone,’ says Outi Barysheva.

In the event that the token is left at home, or someone else than the guardian collects the child, it is possible to sign off manually.

Mobile technology made easy

Mukava, the mobile service system, has introduced mobile technology to the day care services of Pietarsaari. The day care centres of Kirkkoranta and Barnabo have been using this electronic system since October to recording the hours that children spend in day care and the staff’s working hours, and for making day care bookings. The next step is to deploy Mukava in Kytömäki day care centre and in the private day care groups. By the summer, at the latest, Mukava will be used in all day care centres, while it will later be deployed also in private day care.

Mukava is an information system for day care services, and it simplifies communication and combines the requirements of parents, day care staff and administration staff into a single service entity. It can be used on a computer or tablet, and parents can register as users by using their phone number. The Mukava service used in Pietarsaari can be found at jakobstad.paikky.fi. Mukava can be used with the Chrome browser. The entries regarding children arriving at day care and leaving at the end of the day are made to Mukava by using a token.

Positive feedback

Kirkkoranta day care centre has welcomed Mukava. According to Taina Heikkinen-Kaivosoja, the day care manager, the system has been taken into use in an unhurried and patient manner.

“The dads are particularly excited, because technology is involved,” says Taina and gives a laugh.

This article has been originally published on 23 January 2016 in Pietarsaaren Sanomat newspaper. The article was written by Pirkko Högkulla.

Competent partners.

We cannot do everything by ourselves. A majority of the additional services we offer are implemented with the help of our cooperation partners.

Global and local partners

We work together with several local and global partner companies. With the help of our partners, our services have expanded to cover, for example, end-device services, information security services, info screens, and comprehensive online services.


Our main partner for end-device services is Samsung. As part of our comprehensive service, we have delivered over 1,000 Samsung mobile devices to our customers.

In the field of information security, we rely on the services of the Finnish company F-Secure. Mobile end-device security is implemented by solutions provided by F-Secure.

For info screens, our partner is Connecting Talents Oy and their iDiD digital signage service. Info displays enable making Mukava entries directly from the info display and, at the same time, the info display functions as an electronic notice board for the day care centre. Easy and convenient.


We co-operate closely with Abilita Oy in the Finnish market. Abilita Oy is an experienced information technology company based in Finland, providing services mainly for public administration. Abilita has more than 30 years of experience of public administration and various information systems, guaranteeing our ability to deliver comprehensive online services with seamless compatibility with Mukava (in Finland service is known by name of "Päikky").

Your market

We are currently looking for Partners for new markets. Contact us! Petri Väyrynen +358 40 592 4448 or petri.vayrynen(at)mukavait.fi

Mukava goes xEdu

Journey starts fall 2016.

Mukava joins xEdu fall 2016 program

Great news. Mukava has been chosen to participate to xEdu's fall 2016 program.

xEdu is an accelerator company in the education sector. Finland as its home base is ideal given Finland’s vibrant startup environment and excellent education ecosystem. xEdu brings educational excellence and entrepreneurial mindset together to boost the creation of future-proof education products and services. Xedu has quickly gained visibility and high respect across the relevant business segments as well as public sector; nation-wide and internationally.

xEdu provides a full startup and cross-domain ecosystem in the education. Partnership with the most relevant global tech companies brings technology expertise. Hands-on interaction with the world class educators and teachers secure pedagogical expert evaluation and feedback. Liaison with recognized business influencers provides insights into the latest market realities and business rules.

xEdu Accelerator Program enables the participating startups to develop scalable, pedagogically-verified and commercially-viable learning solutions.

xEdu is the best education business accelerator in the world, orchestrating a completely new startup ecosystem. It works as an intermediator between the most potential startups in the education business and target customers.

For more info see www.xedu.co

We plan and develop next generation solutions specifically for day care centers.

Every month, people employed by early childhood education services spend more than 10,000,000 working hours entering information manually. All these hours would be better spent being with the children.

It is in everyones interest that day care centers are run in an efficient and cost effective way. Our service allows the managemt of day care centers in professional and modern way. Real-time information is instantly accessible for all the key users.

We offer a guarantee that any customer that is not fully satisfied with our service can have a full refund.

Contact us to learn more what Mukava can do for you.


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